A Daring Game


Peter Missler


List of Illustrations


Author’s introduction

A note on references, money and place names


I Preliminary

I.1 The story of the Scio New Testament

I.2 The Printing of the Scio New Testament

I.2.a Preparation, printing and binding

I.2.b Costs of production

I.3 Price policy

I.4 Methods of distribution

II Sales in the ‘tolerated period’ (April 1837 – May 1838)

II.1 The Northern Journey (May – October 1837)

II.1.1 Packing the horses

II.1.2 Private sales during the Northern Journey

II.1.2.a The first leg (Madrid mid May – Coruña 20 July 1837)

II.1.2.b The second leg (Coruña 20 July – Madrid 31 October 1837)

II.1.3 The mysterious satchel sales

II.2 Sales through bookshops (April 1837 – May 1838)

II.2.1 Bookshop distribution and marketing

II.2.2 Bookshop sales per city

II.2.2.i Madrid

II.2.2.ii Salamanca

II.2.2.iii Valladolid

II.2.2.iv Leon

II.2.2.v Lugo

II.2.2.vi Coruña

II.2.2.vii Santiago de Compostela and Pontevedra

II.2.2.viii Ferrol

II.2.2.ix Oviedo

II.2.2.x Santander

II.2.2.xi Burgos

II.2.2.xii Toledo

II.2.2.xiii Seville

II.2.2.xiv Valencia

II.2.2.xv Cadiz

II.2.2.xvi Malaga

II.2.3 Prices, costs and bookseller commission.

II.3 Private sales in Madrid (April 1837 – May 1838)

II.3.1 Supply to the British ambassador

II.3.2 Sales from the ‘Despacho’

II.4 The confiscations after 19 May 1838

III Sales in the ‘prohibited’ period (July 1838 – November 1839)

III.1 Peasant attitudes and popular literacy

III.2 Sales Madrid area (July – August 1838)

III.2.1 Trip 1 to the Sagra of Toledo (10–22 July 1838)

III.2.2 Trip 2 to Aranjuez and Ocaña (late July – 3 August 1838)

III.2.3 Sales in villages near Madrid (July – August 1838)

III.2.4 Trip 3 to Segovia and Avila (5–29 August 1838)

III.3 Sales Madrid area (January – March 1839)

III.3.1 Sales in Madrid city by Antonio (January – February 1839)

III.3.2 In the ‘purlieux’ of Madrid by Vitoriano Lopez (January – February 1839)

III.3.3 Trip 4 to Cobeña and the area East of Madrid (27 January – 4 February 1839)

III.3.4 Trip 5 to Guadalajara (16–28 February 1839)

III.3.5 Trip 6 to Navalcarnero (early March 1839)

III.3.6 Sales in Madrid by ‘colporteurs’ (March 1839)

III.4 Sales in Andalusia and Africa (May – November 1839)

III.4.1 First sales in Seville (May – July 1839)

III.4.2 Sales in San Lucar (August 1839)

III.4.3 Sales in Tangier and Morocco (August – September 1839)

III.4.4 Later sales in Seville (October – November 1839)

IV Summaries

IV.1 Borrow’s sales per region

IV.1.1 Madrid city

IV.1.2 Countryside around Madrid.

IV.1.3 Seville and Andalusia

IV.1.4 Galicia

IV.1.5 Castilla-Leon

IV.1.6 Castilla-La Mancha

IV.1.7 Sales in other Spanish regions and exports

IV.2 Average village sales

IV.3 Bookseller sales

IV.4 Confiscated copies

IV.5 Development of the central stock

IV.6 Total sales 1837–1839

IV.7 Left-behind stock

IV.8 Finances

V Conclusion: Aims, means and morals

Appendix 1: The monetary system of Borrow’s Spain

Currency and coinage

Rates of exchange

Purchasing power of Spanish money

Appendix 2: Borrow’s sales of complete Bibles

Appendix 3: George Borrow’s expense accounts

Bibliography and sources



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