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Nave Front Cover

Essays on the Montemezzi-D‘Annunzio Nave, edited by David Chandler.

This lavishly illustrated book, the first in English on Montemezzi, is a documentary record of La Nave's creation and critical reception and an exploration of its composer's ultimate failure to claim a central place in the history of Italian opera. This revised and expanded second edition includes reviews and essays by thirty critics with a full introduction to the opera Montemezzi considered his masterpiece.

Americans Front Cover

Americans on Montemezzi, edited by David Chandler.

This generously illustrated selection of fifty reviews and essays, written between 1914 and 1962 by thirty American critics, draws together some of the best, most influential, and most interesting writing on Montemezzi, revealing for the first time the full depth of his impact in the United States, the country to which he moved in 1939.

Alfredo Catalani Front Cover

The First Lives of Alfredo Catalani, edited by David Chandler.

This book gathers together, for the first time, the earliest biographical writings on Alfredo Catalani, together with the composer’s earliest surviving letters. It also includes a fascinating account of the first recordings made of his music.

This book is a companion volume to Alfredo Catalani: Composer of Lucca, including many useful cross-references to the material in the second edition of that book.

Alfredo Catalani Front Cover

Alfredo Catalani: Composer of Lucca, second edition, edited by David Chandler.

The full, tragic story of Puccini’s great rival, now available in English for the first time.

Born in Lucca four years before Puccini, Alfredo Catalani (1854–93) was the main hope of Italian opera in the 1880s. Alarming conservative critics with the sophisticated modernism of his music, he nonetheless won steadily increasing popularity with the opera-going public. But Catalani’s entire adult life was a grim and increasingly hopeless battle with tuberculosis; the year after his greatest triumph with La Wally (1892), he died at just 39, leaving the future of Italian opera to other men, all of whom had been influenced by his innovations. This is the story of the man and his music, as told by friends and contemporaries.

This second edition has many more illustrations than the first edition. Revisions have been made to the text throughout, including useful cross-references to The First Lives of Alfredo Catalani.

the Treasure Hunter of Santiago Front Cover

The Treasure Hunter of Santiago by Peter Missler.

In August of 1838, in the middle of a devastating civil war, a grotesque figure arrived at Santiago de Compostela, the ancient pilgrimage town in the North-West of Spain. He was a former Swiss mercenary, who thirty years previously had heard a rumour about a massive hoard of church plate buried by the soldiers of Marshal Ney. A fantasy? A daydream? Just one of the many hollow legends of hidden gold that abound in Spain? Perhaps so. But, astonishingly, the Swiss vagrant did not come on his own errand. He came sponsored by Spain’s savvy Minister of Finance, Don Alejandro Mon, who for some shadowy reason of his own lent credence to the tale.

Like an historical sleuth, Peter Missler traces the tale of Benedict Mol the treasure hunter through the mists of time and a smoke-screen of cover-stories. It is a fascinating saga which takes us to Portugal with looting French soldiers, into the wild mountains of Northern Spain with the brilliant polyglot George Borrow, and – by the hand of Mol — into the darkest nooks and corners of a syphilitic’s hospital. The 1st attempt to find the hoard toppled the government, the second one ended with the murder of two peasants. But was the treasure secured? Or does it still lie waiting somewhere in a Santiago park…?

Kai Lung Raises His Voice Front Cover

Kai Lung Raises His Voice by Ernest Bramah.

A new collection of ‘Kai Lung’ stories by Ernest Bramah, including four previously unpublished stories. Related by Kai Lung, an itinerant story-teller, these stories, set in an Ancient China that never was, entertain with their wonderful use of language, and readers will frequently find their ‘gravity displaced’ by a particularly apt turn of phrase.

This collection of eleven stories includes four previously unpublished stories. Of the remaining stories, six were published in a very limited edition (Kai Lung: Six) and the seventh has only appeared once before in print (The Specimen Case).

A Daring Game Front Cover

A Daring Game by Peter Missler.

In 1837, George Borrow arrived in Madrid with the assignment to print and distribute a Protestant version of the New Testament in a staunchly Catholic land.

This book investigates the production and distribution of Borrow’s New Testament, and for the first time in two centuries calculates the exact numbers of sales attained by a bookseller of genius in a land plagued by war, pestilence, ignorance and hatred.

Desbarollda Front Cover

Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse by Noel Langley, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone.
Third edition, with colour illustrations!

Neil Gaiman (author of Good Omens, Coraline and many more) said of Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse:

“I read the first paragraph and was hooked. A sixty-three page eighteenth century novel in the grand manner about a waltzing mouse. Of course.”

If you, like us, admire the artwork of Edward Ardizzone, you might be interested in high quality prints of his book illustrations produced by his grandson, scanned and digitally remastered from the original artwork. The prints, and other items, can be found at http://ardizzoneprint.co.uk/.

Desbarollda Front Cover

Jackdaw & Other Stories by M. B. Mencher.

If the Novel can be described as “the one bright book of Life”, we can describe short stories as Life’s bright pages.

Jackdaw & Other Stories are mainly about people, but their settings are Mediterranean as well as British; and there is humour as well as sadness in them. The time-span is the last fifty years or so, but the last (and longest) story is a biblical update. Set in antiquity, it fills in the details Genesis left out.

Jackdaw & Other Stories is not a childrens' book.

Desbarollda Front Cover

Desbarollda, The Waltzing Mouse by Noel Langley, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone.
Second Edition, with monochrome illustrations


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